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Understanding and managing risk is the key to minimising it's impact. Risk elimination is not a practical proposition, so the effective management of risk is essential if the project is not to be compromised.

Assessment of risk is highly subjective ie: it is based on opinion. A methodology that uses data and a structured assessment method makes the process more objective, and based more on fact rather than feelings. The risk management procedure we use is put together to achieve the objectivity required, and to identify as far as possible all risks that may occur during the life of a project.

Action can then be taken to minimise the possibility of either the risk occuring, or the effects of the risk if it does occur. This will greatly enhance the probability of your project succeeding.

The procedure is carried out by means of a risk management workshop. This is carried out as standard procedure by our engineers when managing a project, but you can commission this as a bolt on for your own team. We will facilitate the exercise, allowing your team to concentrate on the key project tasks. This is a powerful tool to help your team manage it's projects.

You will be amazed at the number of risks that fall out of the Risk Management Process, and delighted that action can be taken to deal with them before they affect your project.

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