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Putting the Management into Project Management

Factory Engineers have a tough enough time keeping the plant running, dealing with breakdowns, maintenance schedules, staff problems, legislation and many other issues. Running a capital project adds to the workload, and often has to be given a lower priority than the business can afford. If it is a cost saving project, you want to get it finished as soon as possible. Taking longer to complete such a project may not show up in the capital costs, but the revenue stream is late arriving, which affects business profitability.

Using an experienced Project Manager helps to ensure your projects run to time, to budget and achieve the required performance. Your own staff can provide the technical know how, and you can maintain the balance between project and operational requirements.

So when you need to carry out a project that requires either fast tracking, or specialist knowledge, what do you do?

You have three choices. You can resource the project internally, you can do it externally, or you can do a mixture of both. Whichever option you go for, you will require your team members to have sufficient knowledge and experience to do the job to the required performance parameters. That is sometimes easier said than done, and many projects run over time and budget because there was a learning curve, or not enough capability in the team.

All of our engineers have direct practical experience of manufacturing gained over many years working for a wide spectrum of food manufacturers. Each also specialises in a particular discipline, and also has the benefit of working in a multi disciplinary environment. The track records speak for themselves.

This means that we not only have the knowledge and experience, we have the flexibility to address virtually any problem. We can put highly experienced management resource into your projects, we can provide advice in a number of areas, and we can design and build machines to do the things no one else does.

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