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Feel you need a 'make over'? Can't decide between a greenfield project or an extension? Do you know what floor finish will withstand sugar syrup? Have you experience of carrying out building work while keeping production going?

Do you need help in a hurry? Do you have changing requirements from your buildings? Is your high care facility really high care? Are your utilities up to scratch? Are you happy with your legislation compliance?

Our comprehensive range of services means that we can help with any of these problems.

Whether your requirement is for a completely new facility, or refurbishment of an existing site, we can help you realise the most cost effective solution. Although greenfield is often the preferred option, the reality is that most businesses have to make best use of their existing site.
We can evaluate all the options for you, enabling you to make the best choice for your business.

Our Services include;

  • Building and structural issues
  • Dilapidation schedules
  • Architectural building design and detail
  • Hygienic internal finishes and flooring.

All aspects of the project from planning approval through to specification of finishes and services are handled professionally, with a contract to suit you, leaving you free to run your business.

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