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The design of new packaging is often the province of the Marketer and the Design Agency. On many occasions however, the reality of introducing a new product is left until all the design decisions have been made, and often causes difficulties. Involvement at an early stage of the design process can help the designer towards a practical proposition, as well as the more esoteric.

You can then choose how far you want to go, and how much you want to spend. In many cases, a new product could be produced on existing kit, with minor modifications. In others, a capital investment may be required. We can help make that judgement at an early stage, so that when the proposition is presented by the designers, not only can the relative costs be presented, the potential operational limitations can also be tabled.

The benefits are many. You can get to market earlier, a definite plus in the food industry. You can identify the start up costs well in advance of making a decision, which can go some way to helping you make that decision. You can discard one idea in favour of another, knowing in advance the difficulties the first idea would present the factory.

Using a packaging expert who is not part of your organisation prevents thinking that is constrained by custom and practise.


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